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Shenzhen Dayang Special Glass Co., Ltd.

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Some smaller problems, after the company made the wrong glass hey made new glass to suit, that delayed the fittings by 2 months. The glass was re done, however i was unaware on their new invoice that the glass was clear, original order was for aqua green, so i ended up with 3 panes a whole different color, luckily it was for viweing from games room to the pool. i works ok, but for a USD $2,000,000 built im not a 100% happy The actual product is great and could not ask for a better quality units Problem with doors as being external the actual doors dont lock the way they should, so far our new building cannot be secured and are currently for 2 months paying for a full time security guard, costing me a lot of money " but we would also buy again so long as they fix our door lock problem "
    Completley satisfied with this glass product. The sales team were friendly , helpfull and efficient. delivery being amazingly quick
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      # नि: शुल्क नमूने # laminatedglass # बिल्डिंग ग्लास
      डेलांग ग्लास-कर्व्ड सिल्कस्क्रीन प्रिंटिंग सख्त ग्लास. # शीशा # शीशा # शीशा # survedcidingग्लास # survedglass
      डेलांग ग्लास-बिल्डिंग ग्लास. # Laminatedglass # sinuatedglass # buidingग्लास # suidingग्लास # suldued ग्लास
      डेलांग ग्लास-एंटी स्लिप लैमिनेटेड ग्लास.
      डेलांग ग्लास-अल्ट्रा स्पष्ट सख्त ग्लास # लेमिनेटेडग्लास # शीशीशा # बिल्डिंग # बिल्डिंग # कर्वडग्लास # कर्वडग्लास # कर्वडग्लास # कर्टेनवॉल # फेसडे
      डेलांग ग्लास-कर्व्ड टेम्पर्ड बिल्डिंग ग्लास # टेम्पर्ड ग्लास # टेम्पर्ड ग्लास
      फ्लैट/घुमावदार टेम्पर्ड ग्लास, लैमिनेटेड ग्लास, इंसुलेटेड ग्लास # बिल्डिंगग्लास # बिल्डिंग
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